What is Key Media?

Key Media began life in the early 2000s, publishing a single B2B magazine with four employees in just one office. Fast-forward to the present day and Key Media is one of the leading niche publishing companies in the world, with over 300 employees across eight countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, USA, UK, Korea, Antigua and Canada.

It delivers world-class content via multiple platforms – online to a combined audience of over 2.4 million unique visitors per month, through the pages of over 100 magazines it publishes per year, and face-to-face at its 90+ annual events enjoyed by thousands of key industry players.

Key Media prides itself on an entrepreneurialism, innovativeness, agility and perceptiveness that allows it to react to the needs of its niche audiences quickly and precisely.

Those who share those qualities find it an engaging, rewarding, international place to build a career.

The group continues to grow, diversify and evolve.


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